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Academic IELTS Vs General IELTS

Today we are going to discuss the basic differences between Academic IELTS and the General IELTS test.
It is a very common question that test-takers usually get confused about and want to settle down before booking their test. This article will help you decide which one suits your needs, go into details about differences between the two exams, when to take them, and lastly which one is easier.

The first thing to consider before choosing the test type is considering the purpose, as they are completely different. IELTS academic is usually taken for admission in universities or foreign institutions. On the other hand, the purpose of IELTS general is usually immigration or work visa. The point is they serve very different purposes and that is why they are designed differently. So we get from that; the IELTS academic is designed to tell universities how good you are  in English academically, where the IELTS general tells how good you are in adapting to a new country with a foreign language.

As you all know, the IELTS exam is consisted of four main sections, which are listening, reading, writing and speaking. Not all the four sections are different from each other in academic and the general test type. Usually the speaking and the listening are the same for both academic and the general. However, the reading and writing are quite different.

Considering the basic structure of the exam, here is quick overview. The listening part would have 4 sections with total of 40 question in 30 minutes. The speaking section is a one to one interview and it includes 3 sections that lasts for almost 15 minutes. So the speaking section is the shortest among the exam and it is usually a day before or after the exam according to the place that offers the exam. general reading part usually has 3to 4 passages with total of 40 questions in 60 minutes, where academic reading has 3 longer passages with total of 40 questions in 60 minutes as well. For the writing part in both academic and general, you get 2 tasks. In the general, the first task is a letter where in academic it is a report. The second task for both academic and the general is an essay, and you get about 60 minutes for both tasks.

Now Let us go in details regarding the reading section. In general reading there are 3 or 4 passages – it varies from one exam to the other- increasing in length and difficulty. The topics from the name they are general everyday style; Such as Advertisements, notices and they are designed to test your social survival. Other forms are designed to test your workplace survival like; job descriptions, employment contracts etc.) In addition, there are common general texts like newspapers or magazine articles just to test your general day-to-day survival instincts.

For academic reading, it is very different. There are 3 long passages increasing in difficulty. The academic style of those texts would be journal articles, textbook extracts so they tend to contain a lot of technical structures, and high-end vocabulary. The texts are related to academic topics such as science, history, sociology so they usually tend to be more difficult to comprehend.

Speaking of the writing section, we have in the writing task 1 in the IELTS academic you are asked to describe and analyze a report so it can be a bar chart a line graph pie chart, table or a diagram, which would be given to you and you, would be asked to write a report on them. However for task 1in general exam you just need to write a letter, and there are three styles of the letter that would be asked to write. The three styles are a formal letter, a semi-formal letter, or informal letter.

 Now let’s look at task 2 now if it has to be a lot of people say that the academic topics and general topics are the same and often similar, but that’s not the case. Most of the time academic topics tend to be a little more difficult, because they are more theoretical and based on Academy, for example you may get questions in the topic areas of marketing,  promotion or space exploration, and such topics. However, in general questions the topics are usually much easier than the academic ones. So what we mean here is that there are more common topics which are easier to write about, and it only tests your ability to express your point of view so you may get topics such as the influence of television or computer and family, and so on. At the end of the day in both essays you are tested on how you express yourself in written forms but as we have notices in general topics it is easier to think of ideas and write more.

Overall, we have mentioned above the key aspects that you should consider before choosing between General or TheAcademic module. Hope it was useful for you, and feel free to contact Tyro if you need further details. 

Now you know more about the difference Academic IELTS Vs General IELTS, so keep going now and learn English online and Get more skills for your IELTS exam
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