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IELTS online test – Are you an IELTS taker? Are you confused between the CDT and PBT exams? We are here to help you. In this article, we are going to talk about the differences between the IELTS CDT (Computer Based Test), and the IELTS PBT (Paper Based Test). This article is going to tell you all what you need to know about each exam type so that you make up your mind before booking a test. If you are taking the IELTS for the first time or retaking it to improve your score, it’s important to understand the differences between the two tests and clearly identify how similar they are and how different, and which exam you should choose to take based on your personality, preferences, skills and so on and so forth.

First, let us discuss how these two exams are similar.
The IELTS is an English proficiency exam and it stands for International English Language Testing System. Like any other proficiency exam it has four sections which are; listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Reading writing listening and speaking in terms of these two test types; the paper and the computer based, their content is the same. This means you are not going to be asked harder questions in one over the other. The sections are the same both tests have four sections with same number of questions. The timing is exactly the same. Therefore, the overall length of exam is the same approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. The scoring is also the same they are not judging you differently based on the type of test. The rubric and criteria are the same. The speaking part of the test is the same, as the interview cannot be done on paper nor on the computer. What is amazing about the IELTS interview is that, it has to be done face to face with the examiner, unlike other tests where you talk with computer and some people would feel it somehow awkward.

Since we have covered the similarities in the content now let us talk about the differences that might affect you. The experience itself is going to be very different if you are taking the CDT or PBT, simply because some people are very comfortable using computers, others with a paper and a pen. When you do the computer test, you should be someone who is computer literate. In other words, you should be very comfortable navigating around the screen, scrolling, clicking, highlighting, typing and so on. If you are someone like that, then you will probably be quite comfortable doing the CDT. However, if you are someone who gets confused when there are many instructions, then you might be first and for most someone who would do better on the paper test; which is basically a normal test on papers. Speaking of administrative differences, the settings of the PBT is a hall where everybody is on a desk, but the CDT is cubicle, where every student is in front of a computer. So it is like a bubble that is not completely closed or isolated but it is kind of separated. Aslo one of the best things about the CDT is that, it has more test dates that are available. It would help people who are at rush or need to take the test more than one time in case they did not get the score. Unlike the PBT there were very few dates. In Addition to that, the results of the CDT come faster like you get it in 5 – 7 days. One last thing is that, because there are more test dates the rooms are usually less crowded. That the general overview, but it is not the only thing to think about as later in the article we will go into details for each section separately.

IELTS online test

First, the listening section Now let us talk about some specific differences, so we are going to start by the listening section and how is it different. First because we are using the computer you will be given a headphone, and you will hear only once. The first difference is that you type the answer as you listen. In this case, you might be filling in a blank, or filling into a table or chart or label a diagram. Another option is that sometimes you are asked to drag and drop answers into the table or the chart. Again, you need to be comfortable doing any of that because if you would need help to do things like these, then this might be a problem, and that is why computer skills are important. Now what happens when are typing the answer directly, some students reported that; they are not very happy that they no longer have the10 minutes at the end of the listening section to transfer the answers, because they had little more time to correct mistakes or to check an answer. Also, they need to scroll down every now and then to look at the questions. This is what you need to keep in mind if you choose to take the CDT

IELTS online test

For the reading section, basically you will have the screen that is divided in half; with the reading on one side and the questions on the other side. Then you have two scroll bars so we have one for the reading to scroll up and down and another scroll bar for the questions and answers. You will need to click on the right answers as you we have different question types in some cases you need to highlight the text, or take notes for summarizing , so clicking or unclicking if the answer is wrong. These are really simple stuff for people who use computer every day, so you shouldn’t worry unless it is different for you when it comes to an exam. Some students said it was very tiring reading the whole text on screen unlike their experience with reading on papers.

The writing section is the best of all in the CDT. For both general and academic tests you will always have an essay as a second task, but the the first task is a little bit different; as in the general test you have to write a letter, but in the academic test you have a graph or a chart with some information that needs to be delivered into a text. The writing section is a lot easier in the CDT. First you will type the answer not, you no longer to hand write it, and that has many advantages. So in case your handwriting isn’t that good or not clear and the examiner might consider a spelling mistake because your handwriting is not clear enough, on the CDT this issue isn’t problem. Another thing is; it is faster to type than to write by hand. There will be  no cross outs or anything that might make you writing less pleasant. Word count is available so it is easier for people to know how much they have written as it was a very big issue for people taking the test. So you no longer going lose marks because your writing is too long or too short. Editing is also easier in this type of test, because you can edit whatever you write on both the reading and writing. You have a clock and it flashes when you have 10 and 5 minutes left. For the writing tasks, you can decide which one you do first and not necessarily by order of the test.  It is okay if you want to plan your essay beforehand or make notes before you type, you might want to ask for a paper and a pen. Also if the keyboard noise is distracting you as everyone around you is typing, in this case you might use the head phones to shut yourself up.

So far we have mentioned everything related to both exams. Hope you find it useful, and it helps you decide which exam type is better for you. Feel free to contact us on tyro if you have any further questions.

Now you know more about IELTS online test, so keep going now and learn English online and Get more skills for your IELTS exam
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